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  207 647-8770 8 Depot Street, Suite 3 Bridgton, Maine 04009

  Holly Best, LCSW

Certified Attunement Practitioner
Holly & Fidel



Holly has been a psychotherapist since 1974. She is also a homeopath with an interest in homeopathic treatment of animals and their humans.  Additionally she is  a certified Attunement practitioner with a keen interest in energy work.

She has extensive experience working in addictions recovery, mental health and trauma issues.  Her areas of interest include trauma, recovery from addictions of all kinds, dissociative disorders and injuries to the spirit.  She works with individuals and couples and also offers clinical consultations to other practitioners as part of her practice.

The practice of Attunement is central to her work with clients.  Attunement is a gentle, non-touch or occasional light-touch energy work that encourages a balancing of mind, body and spirit.  It offers stress reduction, relaxation and calmness on a deep level which in turn, supports health.

 "I view emotional or physical disease in self or in relationships, as a symptom of imbalance in the system that simply needs re-balancing. I believe the ability to correct this imbalance is innate and resides within each one of us. Attunement can help us see the path back home to our true self."  Holly Best

Services are often reimbursable through most insurances. Because  she has chosen not to participate with any insurance companies directly as a preferred provider, reimbursement to clients may be at the out-of-network rate. Payment is expected at the time of service and some sliding scale slots are available.

Holly welcomes calls about her holistic practice or to set up an initial appointment.






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