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Catherine McAllister, LCSW

EMDR Practitioner





For fourteen years Catherine  McAllister has been practicing in the Mental Health system in a variety of capacities.  Catherine has extensive experience assessing mental health and wellness needs.  She specializes with individuals who have experienced a life trauma, helping them to create an individualized path to wholeness once again.  

Catherine uses several modalities to assist individuals to heal and attain their best functioning possible. One is a treatment called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  EMDR is a tool to help people integrate traumatizing experiences and difficult -to- surpass life experiences.
Catherine is true believer that healing only occurs from within, and  therapy is merely an assist to help an individual spark and create their own healing and best-life.  Healing can be facilitated through many avenues, however, it is never truly accomplished unless it encompasses the body, mind and spirit.  Catherine has a great respect for and understanding of holistic healing arts.  She is pleased to work with her clients other medical/body/spiritual providers to facilitate a team approach to healing. She also supports a person's non-traditional choices for treatment whenever safe and effective to do so.

Adolescent work is of particular interest for Catherine, and she feels equally passionate aabout working with adults and children. She feels strongly that families can heal best together, when available to do so.  Parent work and adolescent work are often paired to help not only children/teens cope and function better, but to help the parents of these children learn how to support and provide structure for their families effectively.
Please call to discuss your needs with Catherine at the Clearstream Center for Wellness central telephone number (207) 647-8770.  She currently accepts several major Insurance Plans, MaineCare, and Medicare. Consult with her directly for insurance and payment questions.    


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