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Clearstream Center offers attention to mind, body and spirit.  The services available are respectful of a holistic view of each person and are seen as a collaboration between practitioner and client. 

Practitioners in the Clearstream Center work independently and handle their own appointments and billing matters.  The space is shared with practitioners who embrace the spirit of wellness.

Presently, the modalities offered by Clearstream practitioners include:

 - PSYCHOTHERAPY with children, adults, families, and couples. Therapists have familiarity and experience with issues of trauma, mental health, physical health.

- MASSAGE therapy

- Rehab-based PILATES

- Energy work  -  ATTUNEMENT

- HOMEOPATHY for animals and for humans

Each practitioner welcomes conversation about their practice and philosophy. Many of our practitioners have experienced the modalities offered here and can resonate with them in a personal way. All of them have an interest in wellness rather than a focus on dis-ease.

To learn more about each practitioner in this office, click on their name on the Pracitioners page.

For Appointments and general questions, call Clearstream Center for Wellness at 207 647 8770.



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